Friday, 14 November 2014

The 12th Junior Leadership Contest

The 12th Junior Leadership Contest, the novel and unique interschool competition of Orchids, once again attracted participants from leading schools of Hyderabad on 7.11.14.Each school was represented by six students of VIII and IX classes, ready to compete with others and take the lead. They were all leaders in their own right, leading their school from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence.

The assertive and motivational School Song by the School choir befitted the significant Opening ceremony which was graced by Principal of Orchids, Mr. C.Srikanth and teachers of the contesting schools. 

The Chief Guest of the Valedictory Function,  motivated the students to dream big and aspire and conveyed her good wishes to all the participants and winners of the contest. She asserted that Honesty, Confidence, Compassion and decision making skills shape them into future leaders. The lessons learnt are more valuable than the awards. Every participant is a winner as the Chief Guest asserted.
 ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.’

The Junior Leadership Contest definitely offers its participants a platform of opportunities to explore, experience and excel in skills of leadership. The prize winning teams were Orchids- The International School, Delhi Public School, Secunderabad, and Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad. Rayyan Asif Khan of Orchids, P.V. Nishit of DPS, Secunderabad, Sai Ram G. of Orchids bagged the first, second and the third prizes respectively.

Orchids extends its best wishes to the Individual and Team prize winners.

Children's Day Celebrations

Childhood is a memorable phase in everyone’s life. A day for children coincides with the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first P.M. of India.

Children’s Day celebrated on Nov 14 was a spectacular show. The morning assembly was a special one conducted with all its regular features by teachers. Later the one- hour programme presented by  teachers for entertaining children incorporated songs, skits, PowerPoint presentation, jokes and Magic Show. Students were immensely pleased and applauded each and every programme.   

Monday, 3 November 2014


Dear Parents,

This generation of parents is the first to face the challenge of helping our children make the most of their virtual space while keeping them safe in it. If you're still getting your footing in virtual parenting, don't worry. We have the following tips to help ensure that your child's online experience remains positive.

1. Become a net-savvy parent

The best safeguard against online dangers is being informed. Jump in and learn the basics of the Internet—read articles, take a class, and talk to other parents. You don't have to be an expert to have a handle on your child's online world.

2. "Chat" with your children

Develop an open dialogue so that you can talk with your children about the benefits and dangers of the Internet. Cultivate an interest in their online activities—their favorite Web sites, online games, and interests. And don't be afraid to ask your children who they are talking to online and what they are talking about.

3. Agree on a game plan

Use the following attached agreement to formally agree on your family's guidelines for using the Internet. Post them near the family computer as a reminder. Ensure that your children know to never share personal information on the Internet and that they should tell you about any online activity or contact that makes them uncomfortable.

4. Protect your computer

Take advantage of the software that exists to help parents manage their children's computer experience. In only a few minutes, parental control software like Safe Eyes can block inappropriate websites, restrict the amount of time that your kids use the Internet and monitor their Instant Messenger chats to protect against predators.

5. Explore the Internet as a family

With a game plan and a protected computer, you can now encourage your family to take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer. Take a genuine interest in what your children are doing and stay engaged with them online.


The following Agreement establishes the online ground rules for our home.

1.    We will never give out personal information such as our last name, address or phone number. We should also not give out the name of our school, our city, our siblings, our  sports team or our parent's workplace.

2.    We all agree to not give our passwords to anyone outside of our family.

We have all agreed upon user names to use while we are on the Internet. I will not change the settings for my computer or my password without my parent's permission.

3.   We all agree to limit our online time so that it doesn't interfere with other activities. We agree to follow the time limits that our family sets and not let the Internet take time away from homework, sports, face- to-face interactions or family time.

4.    I will never meet an online friend in person. Just as I stay away from strangers on the street, I will be careful about strangers on the Internet. If anyone ever asks to meet with me off line, I will notify my parents

5.   I will tell my mom or dad right away if I come across something that makes me feel uncomfortable. If anyone uses bad language or mentions things that make me uncomfortable, I will immediately log off and tell my parents.

6.    I will only download pictures and files with my parent's permission..

7.    I will not send pictures of my family or myself to anyone online. The only way that I am allowed to do this is if my parents say it is all right.

8.    I will be safe everywhere. I will follow the same Internet safety rules at my friends' houses, at school and at the library that I do while I'm at home.

9.   I understand that nothing is private on the Internet. I agree that my mom or dad can read my mail or check the sites that I have been visiting — not because they don't trust me but because they just want to make sure that I am safe.







Lesson 6 : Verbs, Lesson 7: This, That, These & Those, Lesson 8


: Adjective & Descriptive writing.


Lesson 5: Sunday Picnic, Lesson 6: At the beach, Lesson 7: We


all need water, Poem: Save each drop.


Lesson 6: Numbers up to 100, Lesson 7: Addition & Subtraction

of numbers up to 100, Lesson 8: Measurement, Lesson 9: Time.


Lesson 11: Places of worship, Lesson 12: My school, Lesson 13:

Safety first, Lesson 14: Air, Lesson 15: Water, Lesson 16:

Transport, Lesson 17: Communication.

Hindi: maa~aAaoM ka p`yaaoga , baarh KD,I , maa~a vaalao Sabd ,iW%va vyaMjana,

vaa@ya banaanaa


Telugu: Ubhaya Aksharamulu, Gurthulu, Guninthalu, 2 & 3

letter words, Othulu.

French: Les jours de la semaine, Les corps, Les mois de l’annĂ©e.


Lesson 5: The keyboard, Lesson 6: Using a mouse, Lesson 7:

Drawing with a computer.


Christmas and Sankranti (Card making).

Pg 24-25 :Plants & Animals, Pg 26-27:My India, Pg 28-29 :


Culture, Sports & Fun ,Pg 30-31: My India , Pg 32-33:Plants &

Animals, Pg 34-35:Environment, the world & its people, Pg 36:

Sightseeing in India, Pg 38-39 :Look, Think and answer , Pg 40-

41: Plants & Animals.


Songs: Tum hi ho maata, Showers of blessings, Teri hai zameen,

Joy to the world, Christmas song.


Ball dribble, Magic ball, Alphabet game, Bouncing ball, Run –

Hop-Jump game.


Learning Emotions, Sharing, Saving Money, Cooking, Positive

Thinking, Helping.


November: 14th: Children’s Day Celebration

December: 24th: Christmas Celebration

30th: Kids’ Carnival

January: 8th: School Picnic.

9th: Sankranti Celebration.
26th: Republic Day Celebration.

31st: Annual Sports Day.

4th November: Muharram

25th December: Christmas

31st December: New Year’s Eve
1st  January: New Year

12th-18th  January: Sankranti Holidays